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We Are the Southeast’s Leading Professional Photography Lab & Digital Photo Printing Experts…
NC TriColor Imaging has been providing professional photography lab and pro digital printing & processing services to the independent photographer since 1972. Our online  printing & processing services has grown regionally and now to a national level, assuring our clients that they receive only the highest quality from our lab for their commercial prints, enlargementssports photosgallery wraps and family portraits.

From simple prints to complex templates to Professional wedding albums, composites, team sports photos, gallery wraps, folded greeting cards and calendars, we pride ourselves on the work we do and stand behind it everyday with confidence. We would like the opportunity to serve you, the professional photographer…


This may sound like a self serving message to our business or even yours but the message is very powerful as it pertains to the dynamic of the general public wanting to “just buy a CD” of your work..

Most professional photographers have built their business and reputation on the quality of the Finished Portrait, delivered and hung in a clients home or office.

More than 50% of a photographers revenue comes from delivering prints.

So, if you cut out the part of your business where you are no longer delivering clients your prints, you have not only Lost That Revenue, but many times the consumer is paying far less for your Professional Training and the Quality of Image that you just created for them and burned to a CD.

If the consumer does have your images printed. You know where they are going to take them, not to a Professional Photography Lab. They are headed straight to the drug store, this is not their fault, it’s what they know.  Your client’s don’t know there is such a thing as a Professional Digital Photo Printing lab. For many, many years we have been behind the scene, creating and serving You. So when the results they get from the Drug store are typical (poor), they assume it’s you and it waters down the value of all your training, equipment, and your reputation.

It was almost unheard of 10 years ago for a bride to ask a photographer to photograph her wedding and then just give her the film.

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